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Adjunct Video Services

Legal Video Services
Video Depositions, Court Room Playback, Video Will Support, Insurance Documentation, Forensic Video Analysis, Duplications

Serving the Upstate of South Carolina, Western North Carolina and Northern Georgia

Rates and availability:   864-313-6905
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As lawsuits become increasingly complicated, the legal community has turned to video and other media to clarify their legal positions. Adjunct Video Services specializes in helping you to document and present your case. Adjunct Video is ready to provide you with prompt, reliable, and professional services at competitive prices.

Video Depositions

National Court Reporters Association


Not everyone who owns a camcorder is qualified to record depositions. Under Federal Rule 30 the guidelines for videotaping a deposition are very strict, and South Carolina Rule 30 is stricter. The NCRA has established a specialized program to insure that persons holding a CLVS certificate have the proper equipment, ability and the training to record your Video Deposition in a highly professional manner to the standards set forth in Federal and SC Rule 30.  Adjunct Video will strictly adhere to the NCRA CLVS Code of Professional Ethics (link will open in a new window).

• Adjunct Video will record your deposition to S-VHS or digital tape using professional video camcorders and will simultaneously record a backup copy to DVD.

• Adjunct Video provides a separate microphone for the witness, the plaintiff's council, and the defense council to insure the highest quality audio for the recordings.
We also record a complimentary audio cassette of the deposition for the court reporter.

• Objections and exhibits are noted by the Video Specialist during the recording of the deposition and will accompany the original tapes to be filed with the Clerk of Court, as well as archived with the backup copy. 

• Additional copies are available on VHS, DVD or CD-ROM.
Synchronization of the transcript and the video deposition for export into trial presentation software is also available.


Since we use digital equipment, we are not limited to presenting your materials on VHS tapes. We can transfer your previously recorded depositions to CD or DVD to be presented on computer, projector, or standard monitors. This allows you to quickly cue to any given point in the deposition  without the hassle of rewinding and fast forwarding through a video cassette. 

Synchronization of the transcript and the video deposition for export into trial presentation software is also available.